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   In consonance with National Agriculture Policy, the A.P.S. agro Industries Corporation Limited was incorporated on     15-03-1968. It's name was changed to A.P.State Agro Industries Development Corporation Limited on  31-10-1979.


  •  To convert barren lands through systematic Land development and make them suitable for agricultural   practices.
  •  To level the lands with gentle slopes for better irrigation by forming bunds to avoid soil erosion.
  •  Formation of Irrigation tanks, ponds for aquaculture, de-silting of existing tanks,canals.
  •  Development of watersheds for optimum utilization of water.
  •  Preparation of lands for afforestation.
  •  To import, export machineries.
  •  To Promote Agro Based Industries.
  •  To enter into partnership / Joint Venture.
  •  Providing improved farm machinery and agriculture implements, for improving efficiency and reducing the cost of  cultivation, by importing them, if necessary.
  •  Relief to farmers in the event of natural calamities by providing machinery for clearance of sand casting etc.
  •  Multiplication of new implements and machinery by Agricultural Universities and other Research Institutes.


At the time of inception, the Corporation was primarily engaged in the activity of drilling tube wells to provide additional irrigation facilities for the farmers, Subsequently the corporation purchased around 150nos of Bull dozers for Land Development.

In the year 1975, the drilling activity was transferred to newly formed AP State Irrigation Development Corporation and the Corporation continued with the Land Development activity.

In addition, the Corporation entered into trading of agro chemicals like fertilisers and pesticides during the year 1975. The Corporation set up two plants at Khammam and Kurnool for the manufacture of pesticide formulations.

The Corporation also made a foray into food processing business by setting up a plant to manufacture mango pulp and ready to serve fruit drink under the brand name APSA and APSARASA, at Anantharajupet in Cuddapah District.

The Government of Andhra Pradesh issued orders in GO.Ms.No.282, Agriculture & Cooperation (FP.I Department dated 08-07-1997 for restructuring of A.P.Agro Industries Development Corporation Limited. In the said G.O. it was stated to close down the Agro Chemicals Division including 2 pesticides Formulation Units at Kurnool, Khammam and Fruit Preservation Factory at Anantarajupet and the Land Development wing will be continued and will become focus activity of the Corporation in future.

As per the said orders, the Corporation closed down the Corporaion closed down the Agro chemicals Division, 2 Pesticides Formulation Units at Kurnool, Khammam and Fruit Preservation Factory at Anantarajupet with effect from 31 -10 - 1997 and discharged around 342 employees under Voluntary Retirement scheme who were found surplus.

In view of the precarious financial position of the Corporation, 3 more phases of Voluntary Retirement Schemes were extended and some more employees retired from the service of the Corporation. Thus, around 640 employees retired from service leaving a balance of 293 employees for running the activities left with the Corporation.

The present Government has prioritized Agriculture as an important sector for increasing the GDP. As part of this, the Government has decided to revive some of the activities of Corporation by utilizing the existing machineries & manpower.